Semilla Project 2003 – 2014

subatakos en la guarida
subATAK at the  program “la guarida del crápula” – Alternativa Barcelona Radio 102.4 FM – 2007/05/16
photo: Lautaro Zabala – source
the collective – semilla crew

A team made up of collaborators of various nationalities who live in Barcelona, sharing knowledge and resources since 2003.

performance – semilla live

From the stage, the different semilla proposals are dynamically combined to offer a continuous and diverse show, with the intervention of musicians, dj’s and vj’s.

creation – semilla content

Outside of the stages, semilla is a process of constant creation, generating a variety of content that we disseminate mainly through the network in terms of music, videos and graphic arts

diffusion – semilla media

New global media at the service of culture, art and entertainment, without advertisements or commercial returns.

learning – semilla growth

A research laboratory where semilla collaborators reinforce their skills and acquire new knowledge, that they can apply in other areas of their professional and personal lives.