The Semilla Project brought together professionals from different disciplines: design, programming, sound, photography, illustration, performing arts, all with a common interest in learning by playing, experimenting and sharing.

On this page we offer a small sample of information that is still available through platforms such as YouTube or Soundcloud, including creations of the collective and its members as well as reports on traditional radio and television media. – Barcelona 2005.
gameboy / mix: brujo – bass guitar: Marcelo Acosta – video: Txalo Toloza


in Radio and Television

Channel 4

8bit & circuit bending: Lowtoy and friends in Noticias CUATRO
Coverage by Alberto Gómez for noticias Cuatro, recorded during the chiptune party “Free the Gameboy” 2010/10/08

RTVE – Televisión Española

Subatak at Leonart, TVE children’s science show. 2007

Catalunya Radio

Generació Digital – 2011/04/30