Telenoika VAX12_06 (Facultat de Belles Arts – Universitat de Barcelona) – 15/06/2005

Remembering Semilla

The Semilla Project was born in Barcelona in 2003 as an art and technology collective. The group was active until the beginning of the following decade. In the spring of 2014 the official website was disabled, marking the end of the project and the culmination of a wonderful creative stage.

Currently we want to rescue and preserve the memory of this collective in order to maintain over time the audiovisual records that were generated during that period and give a new diffusion to the different works of digital art that are still preserved.

Likewise, we would like to recognize and give back to the different artists and collaborators who made this project possible, with the main objective of sharing, enjoying and learning together.

Galería KBB – Barcelona 2006/03/18
8 bits nit at I-Dissabtes CXF Caixa Forum, Barcelona 3/02/2007 Photo: David Domingo – Source: Some rights reserved
Some rights reserved
Medialab Prado – Madrid 5/06/2009 – source:
Aleksei at present. Origami in Berlin. December 2020. Photo: Andrew Ballantyne

Thank you very much for visiting the Semilla Project website and for your contribution.

Aleksei Hecht. 20 de enero de 2022